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Log Barn 1912 began humbly and simply in 1995, created to champion the culinary pleasures of the Mennonite heritage and British Columbia’s cultural history. Today, Log Barn continues to embrace the community’s bounty of agricultural and culinary riches, but on a much larger scale. As dramatically as the company’s reach has grown, however, the same respect for quality and tradition reigns supreme.

Log Barn 1912 produces over 140 private label products. We take pride in producing as many of our packaged delicacies as possible on-site. These recipes harken back to pages from Mennonite family cookbooks. Log Barn treasures this heritage, maintaining the highest possible quality of goods at all times to do our forebears justice. Armed with a suite of recipes known only to our owners, the Log Barn 1912 brand has earned its place as a cultural icon, both locally in Okanagan and abroad.

Some of our favourite creations include old-fashioned sausages, cheeses, pies, pastries, jams, and jellies. It has always been our utmost privilege and pleasure to share these treats with neighbours, as well as the community beyond our neck of the woods. Food is a cultural experience that transcends all kinds of differences and distances. It is more than just sustenance - good food brings people together. At the heart of Holdeman Mennonite culture, the culinary history of our region is warm and nourishing to both the body and the soul.

Forged by the rich history of our community and endemic to this rugged yet gorgeous Canadian landscape, Log Barn 1912’s appreciation of our heritage emphasizes doing things the right way over cutting corners. Our handmade products are not easily copied by competitors. Authenticity is, by its very definition, impossible to fake. The market always knows the difference and appreciates the real deal. Log Barn 1912 is excited to be able to cater to the discerning customer.

The upscale, luxury food retail sector in Canada has grown steadily over the past decade, relatively untouched by the macroeconomic fluctuation of the market at large. Log Barn 1912 strives to maintain a first leader advantage in our sector by improving brand recognition and maintaining the highest possible caliber of products and services.

Although Log Barn 1912 has grown in size and can now share a love for wonderful food with many more people than it once could, the heart of our operation will always remain in Armstrong. Born from a true pioneer spirit, Log Barn 1912 today relishes the opportunity to give the best possible experience to all of our customers and visitors, no matter where they might be.

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Log Barn 1912's suppliers play a pivotal role in our success, providing quality products at competitive prices. 

Log Barn 1912 works with more than 50 leading Canadian and local suppliers, striving to source quality products. Together, suppliers and The Log Barn 1912 create new products and help ensure our customers get the same great taste in every home and at every dinner table.

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Have you ever been excited about a new or favorite product, but once you purchase it you find that it does not live up to your expectation? We have, and it can be very frustrating. People work hard for their money and deserve to be compensated equally for what they pay. It is our ambition at the Log Barn 1912 to ensure our customers find their experience with us to be second to none. If for some reason a customer is not satisfied with their experience at the Log Barn 1912, we would like an opportunity to make it right, free of charge. The Log Barn is here to serve you.



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The Log Barn is dedicated to providing valued customers with outstanding service.

If you have any questions, comments, or any other matter then please get in touch with us! 

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Log Barn is dedicated to providing valued customers with outstanding service.

If you have any questions, comments, or any other matter then please get in touch with us! 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Log Barn 1912 is quickly spreading across Western and Central Canada. With this growth, we  look to partner with the most accessible retail locations, to more readily serve you.

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