Try one of the Log Barns Great Sauces. Our Sauce is all you need.

Jumpin' Jackass BBQ Sauce

Our highly popular Jumpin' Jackass BBQ Sauce is the answer when you're looking for something seriously hot and spicy. More than just intense heat, this signature sauce is sure to make your next BBQ the talk of the town with its infused Kentucky Bourbon undertone. Made with only the finest ingredients, this BBQ sauce was designed for the backyard griller or the gourmet kitchen chef.

Honey Mustard

For those who prefer a sauce that is just a little on the sweet side, try our renowned Log Barn Signature Honey Mustard. This perfect fusion of sweet and savoury flavouring is so versatile and adaptable it will round out any snack or meal for any occasion. Pair it with our Award Winning Signature Mennonite Ham Sausage for an unforgettable flavour.

King Pin BBQ Sauce

This is the “king” of BBQ Sauce. This is a spicy sauce sure to complement any meat. Made with our finest herbs and spices that off an explosion of great flavors. One of our top sellers in our Armstrong, BC store front.